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Native UI

Zebble apps are completely native and run with top performance. They are indistinguishable from those developed using iOS and Android frameworks directly, both in terms of user experience as well as access to device native features.

100% code reuse
(iOS, Android, Windows)

With Zebble, you write 100% of your application only once and run it across all platforms. Unlike Xamarin Forms, there will be no platform specific customisations and hacks. Simply just before going live, check it out on a test device for each platform and publish!

Custom designs & UX

Many cross platform technologies, including Xamarin Forms, mimic the default OS theme on each platform because, well, it’s unprofessional if your Android app looks like an iOS app. That separation means duplicated effort to implement your app’s layout and customisations separately on each platform.
Zebble’s philosophy is that just like your website, your app should look unique, and designed based on your branding. It won’t look like the default theme of neither iOS nor Android. Since it’s your custom design, it can look the same on all platforms with no development effort duplication.



C#, XML and CSS

CSS is the world’s most popular language for style definition, and thanks to Zebble, it’s now available for mobile development with Xamarin. Zebble has been designed from the ground up with CSS at the heart of its native rendering engine, resulting in a first class performance.
With Zebble, your app code will be as expressive as it gets, with the almighty C# powering your business logic, CSS defining your styles cleanly and productively, and a concise XML markup outlining your UI structure declaratively.

Ultra rapid development

Zebble development and debugging cycles are dramatically faster than normal Xamarin development, as it eliminates the slow cross platform compilation and debugging headache.
Thanks to its 100% shared code nature, you will focus merely on compiling, running and debugging your app as a local Windows process on your development machine. Simply change some code, press F5 and it’s there straight away!
Once everything is done, you’ll just compile and run it once on iOS and Android for a final check.

Extensible & flexible

It’s super easy to extend Zebble and add your own UI widgets, controls and libraries, or to hook into its render engine’s events and add your custom logic.
For most scenarios, you will simply define composite controls on top of Zebble’s logical DOM (UI abstractions) and not worry about the native rendering at all.
You can also use any standard Xamarin plugin or component from Microsoft or third party vendors.



Open source

Zebble is open source and offered free of charge under the GPL v3 license. You are welcome to submit pull requests on GitHub or change it to suit your own requirements, as long as you adhere to the GPL license conditions.

Great community support

Zebble has an active community, who will support you in both your learning journey as well as troubleshooting, with Stack Overflow and GitHub both available to you for filing your request for a timely response.
There are also over 60 components and plugins available for Zebble already. Plus, you have the whole Xamarin ecosystem available to you.

Enterprise support options available

We also provide guaranteed SLA, consultancy services and custom training and troubleshooting services for enterprise customers who would like to accelerate their business innovations using Zebble. Contact us to discuss your requirements and options.


Why Xamarin?

Xamarin leads as the number one technology for cross platform mobile development. It brings you a truly native end user experience while freeing you from duplication of costs and development efforts to offer your apps on all major platforms. Learn more for why Xamarin could be the best choice to secure your investments.

Use existing skills, teams, and code.

Learning how to implement custom layouts and designs is a bit challenging with both Xamarin Standard and Xamarin Forms and can come with a steep learning curve. With Zebble simplifying the process you can use your existing skill sets to build native mobile apps.

True BYOD (Bring your own device) for the enterprise

Zebble apps are automatically compatible with any mobile device your employees may already have (iOS, Android and Windows), but they even work on Windows desktop and laptop machines. For enterprise apps, this means that you will incur no additional hardware costs to run the app, giving you great return on investment.

Save time, accelerate innovation

Thanks to Zebble’s ultra rapid development model, you can minimise your development as well as maintenance time and efforts, giving you ever more freedom to innovate your way to business success, impressing your employees and customers and bypassing the competition.


The full power of Visual Studio, with no compromise

With ordinary Xamarin, despite using Visual Studio, debugging is different from Windows-Native projects such as ASP.NET or WPF as cross platform debugging requires workaround mechanisms which limit what you can inspect, observe and change at runtime.

But with Zebble, your mobile debugging is identical to other native .NET projects, with the full power of Visual Studio.

Quick to learn and get productive

Learning how to implement custom layouts and designs is a bit challenging with both Xamarin Standard and Xamarin Forms and can come with a steep learning curve.

But Zebble simplifies things for you by providing CSS, a straight forward and flexible layout system and eliminated cross platform hassle.

Rapid development and debugging

During development, press F5 to instantly run and debug natively on your local Windows dev machine with the full speed you’re used to with non-mobile .NET projects. No painful cross-platform debugging hassle slowing you down!

Enterprise apps?
Consumer-facing apps?
One size fits all!

Using Zebble enables the best of features and functionality. The platform also accommodates excellent UX and UI design, so regardless of your user base Zebble can deliver.


Build a native app for three platforms today.

Open source framework for building truly native mobile apps

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